Stand Out From the Competition

Looking for a unique and eye-catching container to showcase your product? Woolley specializes in designing containers that are not only unique, but durable and functional. The CES Process affords customers the opportunity to design, test, create tooling and market samples all without lifting a finger.

The process begins with a conceptual sketch, where your product is brought to life in a sketch or drawing. In this phase, our team works with you to define the container specifications. We then provide a feasibility study and CES quotation before designing the container and sending it to you for approval.

Next, our expert team of engineers generates 3D-CAD models and performs FEA simulation to predict how the container will react to forces. We test axial loads, forming loads, buckling, and dome growth to ensure that the container meets required specifications.

We then manufacture preforms and design tooling for the Cupper and Bodymaker before making test tooling in our R&D laboratory. This includes necking, flanging, curling, and grooving.

Finally, we use our state-of-the-art Pilot Line to make preforms and finished standard cans for samples that customers can use as market test samples. We validate the performance of the container and ensure that it is free of defects, including preform defects, QC necking defects, and QC-axial load, curl, and expansion splits.

In short, Woolley offers a comprehensive process that results in a unique and highly functional container that is sure to impress your customers. Contact us today to get started on designing your one-of-a-kind container!