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Increase your Decorator's operational efficiency with Woolley's engineered Kits and Upgrades.

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Decorator Kits & Upgrades

The Linear Spindle Disk is an enhanced spindle disk design which improves overall print quality and eliminates print defects. The can smoothly loads onto the mandrel producing higher print quality due to the low vibration from the no wobble feature. Additionally, a “Soft Touch” printing pressure is achieved utilized precision linear slides with bearings. An auto lubricating spindle disk saves valuable downtime while also extending the life of the bearings.

The Vertical Infeed eliminates can gapping during loading, allowing for increased machine speed from 1500 cpm to 2200 cpm, depending on the can size. The cantilevered trackwork allows operators to adjust frames easily, which significantly reduces downtime for can size changeovers.

The Reverse Over Varnish Unit (Reverse OV Unit) reduces misting and spillage issues by capturing varnish mist at two locations, the mist extractor and the OV Daytank, keeping the Decorator clean during operation. The enhanced design also features a quick-change gravure sleeve significantly saving downtime on changeovers.

The Easy Maintenance Inkers reduce misting and ghosting while offering an efficient ink wash up feature. Quick maintenance and easy adjustments are achieved by the two form rollers being located on the operator side of the Inker.

The 8 Colorkit retrofit is designed for all previous Rutherford Decorator models. The precision manufacturing and assembly results in optimized print quality. This design utilizes class zero bearings on the main shaft, a wobble on the blanket wheel and bull gear of zero and a runout maintained at less than 0.01mm. Combining these optimal design features, the Colorkit produces the highest print quality available in the industry.

The Woolley Printing Sleeve is an available upgrade for traditional printing plates on all Rutherford Decorators. This revolutionary design features faster label changes, higher definition printing, and spoilage reduction, all resulting in increased production output. When utilizing the Printing Sleeve, 8-color label changes can be achieved three times faster than with conventional printing plates. The locator pin facilitates an accurate, consistent, and repeatable registration alignment which results in minimal can spoilage.





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