Quality Policy

Woolley is dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and services delivered on time. We achieve these high standards by fostering a culture of continuous improvement of our processes, improving efficiencies via reduced waste, accelerated throughput, and thus, improved long-term shareholder wealth.

Quality Objectives

Objectives are aligned with our policies on quality and vision. They are reviewed by leadership and updated as needed to stay in alignment as our business needs grow and change. Woolley’s objectives are communicated, and available, throughout the organization.

Scope of Woolley’s Quality Management System

The Quality Management System (QMS), along with supporting processes and documentation, meets all requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 International Standards.

Woolley’s QMS includes design, development, production, installing and servicing of high-speed production equipment and parts for the packaging industry. Each Woolley facility is covered, either in full or in part, by this scope and is dependent on their specific role and outputs as a satellite facility. Additionally, external resources (subcontractors and/or suppliers) are considered an integral part of Woolley’s processes and as such are covered within the scope of Woolley’s QMS.

Woolley continuously seeks to understand requirements, opportunities, and/or issues that may arise from all its interested parties (Dover (shareholder), customers, suppliers, competition, and economic markets/environments) regardless of location (local, regional, national, or international) and are considered using a risk based approach. This QMS has been established to serve as a central source of policies, practices and responsibilities and applies to all activities and personnel within Woolley facilities and its external resources.

Varying needs, particular objectives, the products provided, the processes employed and the size and structure of Woolley influences the design and implementation of Woolley’s QMS. It is emphasized that the QMS requirements specified herein are complementary to technical requirements for products and services.

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